Music Puzzles!

If you love music and puzzles, you'll enjoy this page. These are music related word puzzles you can print out and duplicate for your students, friends, or family. (I even have the solutions included)  What a great activity for the holidays or for times when you need to provide a quiet activity!  If your group has completed their concerts but you have more school days left before the holidays, these are good activities to share with your students.

I made the puzzles using the Puzzlemaker from the Discovery Education website. Please visit their website. It is full of interesting things. Want more of these? Let me know through my contact page or you could go to the Puzzlemaker page and make your own. These are all in PDF format. Have fun and thank you Discovery Education!

Christmas Carols Double Puzzle76.06 KB
Christmas Carols Double Puzzle Solution70.53 KB
Musical Terms Word Search Puzzle61.31 KB
Musical Terms Word Search Solution61.74 KB
Orchestral Instruments Word Search Puzzle58.96 KB
Orchestral Instruments Word Search Solution58.11 KB