Processional for Flute and Harp

For Flute and Harp (Pedal or Lever)

By Janet Lanier
No lever or pedal changes required in this piece.

Cost $20.50 includes score and separate flute and harp parts
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This is the same 'Processional' that was written for English horn, French horn, and Piano but a Minneapolis harpist contacted me and requested that I arrange it for flute and harp. She said in her message, "This was a great day when I found your beautiful composition 'Processional'.  Doing many weddings on the harp, this song would be a new melody to suggest to brides." 

Her idea was very appreciated.  The piano part transcribed beautifully to the harp with only a few adjustments to fit the harpist hands better. There are no pedal changes in this piece and the individual harp part offered in addition to the full score is a great option for harpists who want to reduce the number of page turns.  The two wind parts transcribed to the individual flute part with only a couple of phrases given to the harp.  

Price: $20.50