Article: Free Additional Stamps for the forScore App

If you have been watching my video tutorials about using forScore on your iPad, you'll know about stamps and how to use them.  I've just created a 5th video tutorial showing how to create stamps or find collections of stamps for free.  The forScore website offers some collections on their Extras Page.  

So far, I have not seen many stamps created with unique harp notation so I created several, plus some other stamps I thought might be usefu for non-harpists as well. I am offering them here to freely download.  If you know of any other stamps that would be helpful, please send me a message through my contact page and I'll see if I can create them for you.

The following files are all PNG images 96 x 96 size. Click on the name of the symbol you want and it will open in another browser window. If you are using an iPad, you should be able to see the symbol. Long tap on the image and choose "Save to photos". If you are using a desktop computer and click on the symbol name, you might get a black screen. Don't worry... the image is still there. Many browsers open a file with a black background. The symbol image is black and its background is transparent so the black symbol will blend in with the black screen. However, if you right click on the black background and save the file, you will be able to see the symbol when you open it or bring it into the forScore stamp window.  

See Video Tutorial 5 on how to import it into forScore.

anvil effect
lh or left hand
rh or right hand
whole note with ledger line above
whole note with ledger line below
whole note with ledger line in middle
diamond note head with flat for lever/pedal changes
diamond note head with natural for lever/pedal changes
diamond note head with sharp for lever/pedal changes
liason for vocal pronunciations
muffle all bass sounds
muffle all sounds
filled note head
open note head
parenthesis left
parenthesis right
pdlt or pres de la table
roll downward
roll upward
staff lines
tap on soundboard
smiley face Why a smiley face? It's to remind you to smile when playing so that others know how much fun you're having!  It's also cute for your students. Actually, you could also use the emoticons from the Emoji keyboard on the iPad.

I received a request for fretboards so I've added the 4 string ukelele and 6 string guitar fretboards. I've also added a closed circle and open circle.  I think the closed circle may not be as necessary to use since you can create a skinny black pen in the forScore annotations drawing tools to mark the fingerings but I think the open circle might be helpful since it would be difficult to draw a tiny circle.  I recommend using a stylus when trying to place these symbols in your score as well as using the 2-finger spread to enlarge the page.  Note: when you click on the open or closed circle, it will show up very tiny in your browser.

ukelele 4 string fretboard
guitar 6 string fretboard 
closed circle
open circle