Video: Harpists for Peace 2012 at Explore Booksellers

Harpists for Peace this year was on July 15, 2012.  Every year, harpists all over the world join together and play an hour of harp music in the name of peace. The event which was started a few years ago by harpist Alexis Aria is a great opportunity for harpists for all skill levels to participate.  Many play in public places but others might play on their front porch.  It was a wonderful day to play outdoors here in Colorado and what could be more peaceful than a harp?  To see all the harpists who played this year, visit the Harpists for Peace website and take a look at their world map.  It's quite impressive. 

This year I played in the morning at the Planted Earth Garden Center in Carbondale, CO and in the afternoon at the Explore Booksellers in Aspen.  The bookstore is an enchanting house turned into a cozy bookstore and I really enjoyed playing in their bay window area surrounded by books.  The music is Be Still, My Soul (Finlandia). Please enjoy!