Video: Random Acts of Harping 2012

Each year harpists all over the world freely share their beautiful harp music with the public for Random Acts of Harping.  This year I played in the morning at the Osage Gardens Saturday Market in Carbondale. It was adorable seeing a young father with his daughter dressed up as a princess come up to the harp so of course, I had to let her strum it.  Then a couple of little toddlers came up.  They steadied themselves by holding on to the column and half strum, half grabbing the strings.  I set the levers to a pentatonic scale so that I could do some glissandi while they plucked the lower strings.  There's nothing cuter than watching a big toddler grin on the other side of harp strings.  As I finished an hour of music and was packing up, one of the employees said, "We're sure going to hate to see you go!" 

Later in the afternoon I played at the Planted Earth Garden Center.  It's a beautiful location as you will see in this video on top of a hill with great views of Mt. Sopris. The music is Painting White Roses.  Many thanks to my husband David for taking the video.  Enjoy!