Greensleeves Variations 22 String Harp Part

English Traditional
Arranged and orchestrated by J. Lanier

Individual 22 string harp part - $3.50 (Click on the add to cart below) 
MP3 Accompaniment - $2.50 (Sold separately - click here to purchase)

Would you like to practice with an orchestra accompanying you in your own home? This is your opportunity! Greensleeves Variations for Harp and Orchestra is being offered as a harp solo with an MP3 accompaniment.  The original accompaniment (strings, piccolo, and tambourine) is now available as an MP3.  Practice your part with the MP3 as many times as you want. The MP3 helps the harpist to stay in a steady tempo and is much more fun than practicing with a metronome!

A 29+ string harp part is available here.
Score,  harp solo, and orchestra parts are available here.

Click on the MP3 below to hear the full arrangement.

Price: $3.50
Variations on Greensleeves Harp and Orchestra.mp34.55 MB