As Through the Woods I Roamed for Harp in A Minor

For Lever Harp

Francis O'Neill Collection
Arr. by J. Lanier

I originally arranged this song in G Minor but my husband thought it might be a good piece for harp and cello.  I decided to make it a little more key friendly for the cello so I transposed it to A Minor and am now offering the harp solo in A Minor as well.  As of March 20, 2017, I have added the cello part to this purchase. If you have bought this piece from me before and want the cello part, please contact me and I'll email it to you. The original G Minor version can be found here.

Key of A Minor (no sharps or flats) - a preset lever on one F# is required but no lever changes are needed during this 3 page arrangement
This piece can be played on the pedal harp but is much easier on the lever harp due to the one preset lever

Individual copy $3.50
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Price: $3.50