Count Your Blessings for Voice and Harp

Text based on Irish Blessings
By Janet Lanier

Key of C
Lever changes on G#

I combined two Irish blessings and added a few lyrics of my own to create this lovely composition. It's a great piece for Thanksgiving or for any event that calls for looking on the bright side of life and focusing on the positive, rather than the negative. See complete lyrics.  

This is a voice and harp piece but there are other versions available:
Harp Solo
Solo Instrument and Harp (for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, English horn, or Bassoon)

Solo Harp Price: $4.50
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***You can purchase both the voice/harp version AND the solo harp version at a discount here***
Please Note: the harp part in the voice and harp version is different from the harp solo part.




Price: $4.50