Sing a Magic Song for Voice and Harp

For Voice and Harp

Words and Music by
Janet Lanier

Key of G
This is a sweet but inspiring song for those people like me who are introverts and use their music to give them courage. The harp part requires no lever or pedal changes and there is one glissando.
Vocal range from middle C to D:


Black Capped Sweet-A-Dee - Both Versions at a discount!

Can't decide which version you want of Black Capped Sweet-A-Dee? You can purchase both versions (for solo harp and for soprano voice and harp) at a discount. 



Black Capped Sweet-A-Dee for Voice and Harp

For Soprano Voice and Harp
Words & Music by Janet Lanier


Count Your Blessings for Solo Harp AND for Voice and Harp **DISCOUNT**

The harp part in the solo version of Count Your Blessings is different from the accompanying harp part for the Voice and Harp version. If purchased separately, it would cost $9.00 but if you buy both, you can save $2.50.


Count Your Blessings for Voice and Harp

Text based on Irish Blessings
By Janet Lanier

Key of C
Lever changes on G#


Painting White Roses for Harp (or Voice and Harp)

For lever or pedal harp
or for voice and harp

By Janet Lanier

There is one lever or pedal change in this song


Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep for Tenor Voice and Piano (lower key)

Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep for Tenor Solo and Piano is also available in a lower key.  The lowest note for the tenor voice is D-flat and the highest note is A-flat with an option to go only to F-sharp.

Individual copy - $8.50 (click "add to cart" below)


Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep for Tenor Voice and Piano

For Tenor Voice and Piano

Text by Mary Frye
Music by Janet Lanier

Performance time - 3:59
Price:  $8.50 per copy



I Saw Two Clouds at Morning for SATB Chorus

For SATB Chorus and Piano
Text by John Gariner Calkins Brainard
Music By Janet Lanier

Approx. performance time - 3:10
Price per copy $3.00 (click on add to cart below)

Music is for digital download only.  It will not be shipped.