Video: Amaryllis Awakening with Harp Background

My husband, David has been experimenting with video. When we received an amaryllis bulb for Christmas from my sister and her husband, we thought it would be a great idea to take photos of the blossoms as they were opening. We set up a tripod with our Digital Rebel camera and used some accompanying software to trigger the camera to take a picture every 60 seconds. This went on for five days! The result was worth it. After transferring the photos into Final Cut Pro, we had a poetic animated video of an amaryllis blossom opening as the shadows of the day danced through the windows. Of course, we had to add music so I recorded a short harp piece I wrote called "A Garden Stroll". The harp recording is my playing on a Lorraine 29 string floor harp. Please keep in mind that I had been playing the harp for two years at this point.

Please enjoy our video titled "Amaryllis Awakening"