Article: High Plains Public Radio Living Room Concerts

HPPR PosterIn 2007, Shepherd's Trio was invited to perform a Christmas Concert for HPPR's (High Plains Public Radio) Living Concerts. We performed live at the HPPR studio in downtown Amarillo at 5th and Polk St. It was strange to perform a Christmas Concert in October but our audience really got into the mood with Christmas cookies from Belmar Bakery and coffee from Roasters. The HPPR studio is an elegant, intimate room with wonderful accoustics. We performed many of the pieces from our Night of Wonder CD but we also added many new arrangements borrowed from Hope Publishing Co. and SESAC.

We would like to thank our guest artist, Vanessa Rauscher (Jim Rauscher's wife) for her beautiful voice singing our new arrangement of Cesar Frank's Panis Angelicus.

Shepherd's Trio's Holiday Concert was broadcasted on HPPR (105.7 FM) on Dec 22, 23, and 24.

We would like to express our appreciation to HPPR's Stacy Yates and John Black for making this concert and broadcast happen. The concert is currently on the HPPR website and can be heard by clicking on:

Shepherd's Trio
Christmas Special Part One

Shepherd's Trio
Christmas Special Part Two
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