Article: More Ideas for Starting a Musical Tradition

Last year I posted a Muse News article titled Six Ideas for Starting a Musical Tradition in Your Home. I hope that got your creative juices going for starting your own musical traditions. I have some more!

Provide coloring pages with musical themes. This isn't just for the kiddos! Coloring is fun for adults too plus it's stress reducing! One year for Thanksgiving, I printed off mandalas to color. You could just see the calm on everyone's face as they colored. What a restful and peaceful afternoon that was!

Use Google image searches to find cute or fun to color music related images. Print them off and set them out with a box of crayons, colored pencils or markers. Here are some links to some of the searches I did.

coloring pages music
coloring pages woodwind instruments
coloring pages harps
coloring pages caroling music
coloring pages for adults (adult meaning it's more detailed coloring)

Create a music themed word puzzle. Remember how fun "Find the word" puzzles were when you were a kid? Some websites offer free puzzle generators such as this one: Discovery Education Puzzlemaker. You can create easy puzzles or create challenging ones for your music colleagues. Here are some "Find the Word" puzzles for Orchestral Instruments and Musical Terms and some Double Puzzles for Christmas Carols: