Arranging for the Pop World

I mainly stay in my comfort zone writing in the classical and church styles but sometimes I come across opportunities that make writing music challenging in a different way. On a few occasions, I have been asked by performers in the world of popular music to assist them by writing instrumental accompaniments to their music.

I've had the opportunity to do some accompanimental writing for pianist, Jim Wilson in California. Jim uses a flute and string quartet with a fabulous multimedia show. Jim has several albums out and has been listed high on the Billboard charts. Jim's official website can be found here.

Andy Chase

I've also written a string quartet accompaniment for one of Andy Chase's song. Amarillo's Andy Chase is a terrific singer/guitarist and writes some great songs. He's been popular in Amarillo for many years. I enjoyed working with Andy because he's a sweet and humble musician. On the left is a nice photo of Andy from the Amarillo Globe News with an interesting article that can be found here.