Black Capped Sweet-A-Dee for Solo Harp

For Lever or Pedal Harp

Words & Music by Janet Lanier

This delightful little tune in G Major is about a black capped chickadee that will warm your audience's heart. There are no lever or pedal changes but there are some interesting harp techniques for the advanced beginner such as a two-finger glissando in the right hand. There are also left hand over right hand crossings throughout as seen in the opening bars of the sample below.  A couple of measures have a descending 5 note scale in the right hand that needs to be played with the fingering 1-1-2-3-4 (sliding the thumb over the first two notes).

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Watch a video of two chickadees in slow motion. Very cute! The music background is the solo harp version of this song.

Price: $3.50