Jingle Bells Round for 2 or 3 parts (FREE!)

To help your ensemble bring in the holiday cheer, I'm offering a free download of a 2 or 3 part round based on the opening bars of Jingle Bells. This can be played by 2 or 3 players (or groups). There are parts for treble, bass, or alto clef instruments or for transposing instruments in Bb, Eb, and F.  There are no lever or pedal changes required in the harp parts. I hope you and your ensemble enjoy it!

O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus for Instrumental Duet

Two-part invention based on the hymn
For two same-pitched instruments

Performance Time: 1:17

Score - $8.50
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Please inquire through my "Contacts Page" for alternate instrumentation for this arrangement.

 Click here:   [attachment:1]  to listen to a Finale sound file of this duet